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Last updated: Jun 23, 2020 15:14

When working in the cloud, the system generates usage reports that are saved in the Report Library. You can watch the videos directly in the Perfecto UI or download them as .mp4 video files. All private clouds can normally access the Smart Reporting interface from: https://<your_cloud>


If the playback video is not available, you may get a Video not available message, such as the following:

Root cause

If you experience the issues as shown above within IE 10+ and/or Windows Media Player, you may have a company security block that is preventing your services from viewing .mp4 video files. This is usually a group policy that a user cannot fix.


Click on your report and see if you have the ability to download the .mp4 file. The download ability of the cloud is in the top right, as shown in this screenshot.

If you download the video, it should start playing. If not, you will experience the playback issue as shown under the ISSUE header. In this case, you can do any of the following:

  • The easiest way to debug this is to use a different browser. If you have Firefox or Google Chrome, give this a try by opening your report in these browsers. Normally, the video playback works within these browsers (Firefox/Google Chrome), as these browsers do not fall under the same security restrictions as Internet Explorer. 
  • If you are not able to use Firefox/Google Chrome/Safari to watch the videos and are restricted to IE 10+ and/or Windows Media Player, you will need to contact your own Corporate security and or IT teams, and have them make an exception to allow you to watch .mp4 videos.