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Last updated: Nov 12, 2018 15:18

Table of Contents

How do I get started?

Complete the following:

  1. Download Reporting SDK client for your programming languages and framework
  2. Implement Reporting into your test, for JavaJavaScriptC#Ruby, or Python
  3. Download the Perfecto IDE plugin (optional).

Where is the DigitalZoom Reporting server located?

Perfecto Reporting information is stored in a repository on the reporting server. The URI of the reporting server depends on the name of the Perfecto CQ Lab (<CQL_NAME>) you work with ".reporting" appended to the name of the Lab.

For example: If you access your Perfecto Lab using the URL then the corresponding reporting server would be accessed at:

I cannot log into Perfecto DigitalZoom Reporting

Perfecto Reporting requires a Perfecto CQ Lab user. Use your Perfecto CQ Lab credentials to sign in.

If you are logging in for the first time, a login to the Perfecto CQ Lab is required before logging into Reporting. Contact your lab admin for support.

I forgot my password or I want to change my password

Perfecto Reporting uses your Perfecto CQ Lab credentials. Restore or change your password from your Perfecto CQ Lab.

How can I manage my users?

User management is done from your Perfecto CQ Lab. Click here for a complete guide.

Why there is count mismatch of test in CI Dashboard?

Why is there a mismatch of test counts in the CI Dashboard view

How do I access my Perfecto DigitalZoom Reporting grid URL?

There are 3 alternative ways to access your report library.

  1. Open Reporting from the Reporting tab in your Perfecto CQ Lab.

    1. Users viewing the reports in the Reporting tab of the Perfecto interface can view the reports only within their own Lab. All execution reports in the lab are available.

  2. Get the report link by calling the reporting client from within your test.

    1. Follow your client documentation for the report URL code snippet: Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python.

  3. Direct URL using your Perfecto CQ Lab TenantID
    1. For example: https://[yourCQLabTenantID]
    2. Contact your system administrator for your Perfecto CQ Lab TenantID