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Last updated: Mar 10, 2021 17:14

As a tester, you may find that out of the hundreds of devices available, you need one that is currently listed as offline. When working with a private cloud, you can request to swap a live device with another device in the device pool. The number of device swaps allowed depends on the master sales agreement. The standard turnaround time for a device swap depends on your SLA agreement for your private cloud.


  • For clouds covering multiple regions, device swaps are bound by the device location. For example, to connect a device that has a location of US East, you must choose a device in the same location to remove.
  • If the device you want is not available in the offline device pool, this will be treated as a new device request, which will be handled by your CSM.

To request a device swap:

  1. In the Perfecto cloud, open the Devices view (Assets and Setup > Admin > Devices) and review your device pool.

  2. Write down the following information:
    • The ID of the available device
    • The ID of the disconnected device that you want to use
  3. Open a case with Perforce Support, as follows:
    1. On the Perfecto Support page, select Device > Swap > Open Support Case.

    2. In the Open a Case form, provide the required information:
      • The name of your cloud
      • Your first and last name
      • Your work email address
      • Your phone number
      • The subject of your request (Device Swap)
      • The device you want to replace and the device you want to add
    3. Select the I'm not a robot check box.
    4. Click Submit.