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Last updated: Sep 03, 2018 14:13

By Nato Vasilevski

If you were wondering how to deploy Jenkins as Continuous Integration in your environment and be able to observe the test runs from Perfecto's CI Dashboard, this article if for you.

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To create this, I have used a Hyper-V virtual machine and have uploaded my code in GitLab. If you already have deployed Jenkins, you can skip the first steps.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Installed Jenkins from here
  2. Added Perfecto Mobile plugin, MobileCloud for Jenkins plugin, Maven Integration plugin and GitLab plugin in Jenkins
  3. Install Git for Windows and JDK
  4. Optionally install Notepad++
  5. You can setup up the settings for GitLab and Maven here or you can do it while performing the further steps below:

  6. After Jenkins is installed and initially configured start by creating a New Item, choosing a Name and marking it’s a Maven Project:
  7. On the “General” tab go for the parametrization:

    I have added my own Tag for better visibility:

  8. “Source Code Management” contains the URL to the source:
  9. “Build” tab:

    For better convenience I have exported it here:

    clean install -Dreportium-job-name=${JOB_NAME} -Dreportium-job-number=${BUILD_NUMBER} -Dreportium-job-branch=${GIT_BRANCH} -Dreportium-tags=${myTag}

  10. After the setup is done, run the Build and check the CI Dashboard of your Perfecto Cloud under Reporting e.g.: https://<your-cloud>

If you face difficulties, or have suggestions, please, don't hesitate to contact me.