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Last updated: Mar 20, 2020 11:53

by Nato Vasilevski

If you cannot find the sign out button and you are wondering where it has gone, this article is for you. This is a useful functionality if you want to re-log or if you want to just close your session.

Step-by-step guide

Usually the sites that have a sign in button should have sign out button, right? Right. We do not differ and usually the button is depicted as a submenu of your account menu:

Yet, alongside to the many useful features here in Perfecto we also offer a way to sing in to the cloud with your own company (domain) credentials. A method you have seen as SSO or FS, or you haven’t seen at all as your administrator has done it for you. In this case you will only see the following:

In order to sign out you just need to close browser. It’s the browser, not the tab. Then you can easily sign back in if you want to re-log.

Happy testing and re-logging!