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Last updated: Sep 13, 2017 11:18

How to retrieve Test Reports from UFT

UFT 12.51 and above has a new default HTML Report format that does not display the Perfecto device summary (which includes the video execution) or the device screenshots. 

Perfecto recommends to switch to the "Run Results Viewer Report" in order to view the screenshots. Go to Tools Options Run Sessions > Run Results Viewer Report.

View the Single Test Report

To view the Single Test Report, you must add the below code to your UFT script and the report will be added to the HMTL report (12.51 and above) and to the Run Results Viewer Report (below 12.51).


Set oEventDesc = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
oEventDesc("ViewType") = "Sell.Explorer.2"
oEventDesc("Status") = micPass
oEventDesc("EnableFilter") = False
oEventDesc("NodeName") = "Single Test Report"
oEventDesc("StepHtmlInfo") = "<a href="&reportUrl&" target=""_blank"">Test Report</a>"

newEventContext = Reporter.LogEvent ("Replay",oEventDesc,Reporter.GetContext)




Using the Run Results Viewer Report - UFT 12.51






Using the HTML Report- UFT 12.51

In UFT below 12.51, the report will be displayed automatically in the Device Summary section of the HP Run Results Viewer. 


Wind Tunnel Report in UFT below 12.51