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Last updated: Oct 09, 2019 20:06

By Christopher Alton

If you are working with Network Virtualization and HAR Capture, and you receive errors, this is how you fix them

Issue #1 - Failed to Obtain Wireless IP Address

This is the most common issue for Network Virtualization.

Solution #1 - Make sure that the device is connected to the PERFECTO WiFi network.

Issue #2 - No HAR Capture File is Provided

This is the most common issue for HAR Captures.

Solution #2 - Make sure that the device is configured for HAR Capture.

  • See the following article:  Generate and analyze HAR files
  • Make sure you closely follow the steps for Android and iOS as they are Device Specific Installs
  • Once the MITM certificate for HAR Capture has been installed, you should not have to reinstall the MITM certificate again

After the MITM certificate for the HAR Capture is installed and enabled, please read this article on how to enable the HAR Capture:

Issue #3 - After Enabling HAR, Application Under Test Throws a "No Network" or "Please Check Network" Error

This issue occurs when the app under test (AUT), detects the HAR capture certificate installed to the device.

Solution #3 - Disable SSL security within your AUT during the testing phase

  • SSL interception can and will, identify and stop network traffic with the HAR capture certificate installed and HAR parameter set to true
  • Contact your application developer to lessen the severity of the SSL interception

If these solutions do not work, please contact the Perfecto Support Team.