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Last updated: Jul 02, 2019 13:49

by Christopher Alton

Issue: When trying to connect to the Google Play service on an Android device, you may receive an error that the device cannot connect to the play store.

To resolve the issue, check the following:

  • The time and date are set on Automatically. 

Go to Settings > Date & Time and enable the option "Set time automatically".
After setting the date and time, power cycle the device. 

  • The device has working WiFi or Cellular service. 
  • There is a valid Google account signed into the device.

Note: Perfecto does not provide a Google account. Testers are responsible for creating and using their own Google account. This can be done from the device or from Google's website.

If these steps fail, please open a case with the Perfecto Support team regarding the device.

Updated 05-10-2018