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Last updated: Jul 02, 2019 13:58

By Christopher Alton

Some Android OS and device types now include security applications. The most common one is Lookout, which is being built into the Android OS of the device.

The LookOut application has the ability to detect developer applications, and flag them as Riskware. Therefore, your application may be flagged a Riskware. 


  • You can disable the Lookout application in the application manager of an Android device. This article will explain how to disable apps in the Android OS.
  • Part of the benefits using Perfecto is to identify these types of issues. Show the "Lookout" errors to your Application Developers. They should advise why Lookout is flagging the app under test as Riskware, and take action to ensure this issue does not follow the application into production release.

Updated 05-07-2018