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Last updated: Sep 28, 2017 14:32


The Start application function is used to open an application on the device. This is a preferred alternative to using visual analysis, because it ensures a successful launch on different devices. The below list includes useful Start application identifiers for several Android setting screens, that can be included within your script.

Example: Navigating to the "Language & input" setting screen

  • Using the Start application command:
    Application identifier:
    This option help us to create a generic scripts.
  • Using visual analysis:
    Click on "Settings"-> "Language & input"
    This step can be different depending on the device.
Application IdentifierApplication & Screen
Wi-Fi Settings
Applications settings - Running services
Applications settings - Manage applications
Battery Usage Statistics
Date & time settings
Language & input settings
Security settings
Set up SIM card lock
Development options
App usage statistics
Status - Device information
User dictionary settings

Settings shortcut