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Last updated: Mar 04, 2021 18:29

by Nato Vasilevski

This article will show you how to continue using Perfecto plugin in your IDE. I have used Eclipse for the test and the Perfecto Lab Plug in.

Step-by-step guide

 1. Open the settings for the plug-in and change the URL by adding the APP subdomain:


Alternatively you can choose the following directs link (examples below in the brackets):





2. After doing this you can open the Perfecto Lab plugin, Initially you will get the following screen.


3. Here you can choose any of the options you would like:

a. For accessing the similar to the previous functions, you should choose “Go to my devices” (URL: <yourcloud> 

b. For direct access to the reports (URL:<yourcloud> and the Live Stream (URL: <yourcloud>, you should choose “Report Library”:



After doing this you can use the embedded Perfecto functions right from your IDE:

Happy testing!