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Last updated: Jun 01, 2020 15:44


The following error is thrown when closing a tab in Firefox:

WebDriverError: Missing 'handle' parameter


This is a known issue in Selenium 3.6 and 3.8, here is the link to the issue on Selenium GitHub:

The workaround is to use Selenium version 3.4 through capabilities, this can be done by adding the "seleniumVersion" capability to the test and setting it to "3.4.0": 'seleniumVersion': '3.4.0'

For more information on this capability, see Desktop Web testing.

Here is a full capabilities example in JavaScript:

capabilities: {
  'seleniumVersion': '3.4.0',
  'platformName': 'Windows',
  'platformVersion': '10',
  'browserName': 'Firefox',
  'browserVersion': '62',

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