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Last updated: Jun 01, 2020 17:37

by Nikolay Peev

Step-by-step guide

Wi-Fi disconnects during execution


There is a setting called Wi-Fi Assist in iOS that will switch a devices connection from Wi-Fi to Cellular if they have a sim card. This will keep the device connected to Cellular once the switch happens. This could be turned off on all the iOS devices, on Android there is something similar called Smart Wi-Fi Switcher. However on Android it is generally disabled due to issues with it killing the Wireless Controller on Certain Android Brands such as Samsung Galaxy devices.

Another issue is with the Samsung Galaxy Series of devices, which seem to get into this state of Wi-Fi being disconnected, but the Wireless Controller in the device does not update its Connection Status to reflect this disconnection which results in the device not having an internet connection.

The only fix here is:

Turn On/Off Airplane Mode before the tests, and sometimes a restart of the devices is needed, which when HAR generation is enabled on Android devices becomes problematic as they may not come back due to the Passcodes.