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Last updated: Jun 26, 2019 12:13

Did you notice that the iOS clock is always showing 9:41, that you cannot set the right time (or even time-zone), or that the wifi symbol does not correlate with whether there is actually wifi. 

All devices connected to enhanced video streaming display a fixed image instead of the regular status bar. For example, the device always shows 9:41 am and may look connected to wifi even though there is no internet

Alternatively, in iOS 12 devices the wifi symbol may not appear but the wifi may be connected. 

First check if your device is connected to enhanced video streaming.  

Open a device in the Perfecto Lab and click on the  icon. 

Look at the Distributor heading. If the distributor starts with MacCam then the device is connected to the enhanced video streaming. 

Notice that the time stays fixed at 9:41. This is because of an Apple limitation that does not allow the template to sync the correct time.

If you want to retrieve the device time use the methods here