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Last updated: Feb 08, 2019 17:12

In cases when you get the following error during application installation on iOS device: 

Cannot install application <name>. file is not signed properly or has the wrong provisioning 

You can manually check the applicatoin embedded provisioning file to make sure it has the device UDID added to the list. 

  1. Download the <app-name>.ipa file on your PC
  2. Unzip the <app-name>.ipa
  3. Enter the <app-name>.app directory
  4. Look for a file called "embedded.mobileprovision"
  5. Open it with Notepad++ or any text editor
  6. Look for the string: 
    1. Under this key there should be a list with all device UDIDs where the app can be installed. 
  7. In case the above key is missing, look for a key:

    1. If the key exists and it's value is true, then the app be instlaled on any device. This is becausee enrolled iOS Developers in the Enterprise program have the ability to distribute their in-house applications without the requirement of identifying individual devices or submitting the application to the App Store.