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Last updated: Jun 25, 2020 18:38


In some situations, the device screen is unresponsive or seems stuck/frozen because the screen turned off or locked.


Here are some recommendations for working with the lock timeout and a passcode. 

Working with lock timeout

It is recommended to always set the device’s lock timeout to never lock (Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never). Otherwise, the device video may become frozen if the screen turns off or locks.

If your testing environment requires you to lock the screen, the video will continue to display the last screen shown before the device screen turned off. When the screen locks/turns off, press the home key and wait for video to resume. As soon as you see the slide to unlock text appear, swipe to unlock the screen immediately. If you wait a couple of seconds, the screen will turn off again. 

Working with a passcode

Devices that have the device passcode lock enabled will disconnect when idle during sessions. Take into account that if your device is set up to use a passcode lock, you need to ensure that the device does not go into a locked state during an interactive session. If the device enters a locked state, manual intervention may be required. If the device is not responsive, open a device ticket with Perfecto Support so we can reconnect the device.

Recommended:  Set the required passcode timeout to the maximum available. Setting it to Immediately will cause operational issues during normal interactions with the device. Set the screen lock timeout to at least 15 minutes or to Never Lock.