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Last updated: Jul 08, 2020 11:29

Using Perfecto Lab devices as the platform for debugging your web application is a simple process:

  • Open the device in the Perfecto Lab, either in the IDE (Eclipse or Android Studio) plugin or in an Interactive Perfecto Lab session.
  • Connect the device to your development station with DevTunnel.
  • Debug your app, selecting the Perfecto Lab device that appears as a USB-connected device, from Chrome-inspect.

Chrome Inspect

After the device is connected to the DevTunnel, open your Chrome browser and go to the chrome://inspect page.

The connected device appears in the list of devices.

Use either the Chrome-inspect URL text box or the Perfecto Open URL widget to open the tab on the device's Chrome browser.

Find the tab that you want to inspect/debug in the list of tabs on the Chrome-inspect window, and click on the inspect link.

 This opens the Chrome DevTools window that allows you to debug or inspect your web application.