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The Result History bars and Duration History nodes are coordinated - each bar represents the same job as the corresponding node. Selecting either one of the bars or one of the nodes will select that run and will update the statistic information displayed.


Note:The job number listed in the Job/Branch Details column is the latest job number assigned by the CI tool (for example Jenkins). Each bar in the Result History column represents the results for a different job number. If the CI tool reset the job numbers assigned (for example as a result of a re-installation or general reset), DigitalZoom will display a new bar (and node) for equal job numbers if the start-time of the two jobs is more than 24-hours apart.

  • A tooltip is displayed when hovering over either the history bar or duration node. The details listed in the tooltip include:
    • Job Number
    • Date that test-run was executed
    • Duration of the test run (when hovering over the duration node)
    • Statistical overview of the run (when hovering over the history bar)
    • Icon to drill-down to the Heatmap for this build
  • Statistical overview will show the actual test results for the test-run.