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  1. Open the downloaded file, by either clicking on the Open when filename is displayed at the bottom of the browser, or by opening the Downloads window of the browser (from the browser options menu)
  2. The installation will prompt for a Certificate Name - supply any name (for example "mitm") and click OK.
  3. Android may require that you setup an unlock credential PIN for the device -
         if you receive the following message continue to the next step.
         If you do not continue to Step #9
  4. Click OK on the message and the system will present different options for the unlock credentials

    Note: If the device you are working with supports fingerprint identification, the system will present options that include use of Android Imprint. Select the option to not use Imprint.

  5. Select PIN option, and the system prompts to enter a new four-digit PIN code. Click CONTINUE.
  6. Confirm the PIN on the next screen, Click OK.
  7. The certificate is automatically installed.

When you are finished recording the HAR file you can disable the Screen Unlock PIN code - use Settings→Security→Screen Lock, and select None
However, Passcode can be removed without uninstalling the MITM certificate from the devices based on the Android 6 and up only.
If you need to remove PIN from Android 5.1.1 device MITM certificate should be removed first.

Activating the Network Virtualization


After completing the automation script, open the Single Test Report for the execution. In the upper right corner of the STR View, open the Retrieve artifacts menu and select the Download network files option.