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Sometimes Google Play states there is no internet connection.Here are common reasons why

by by Christopher Alton

There may come times when you try to use the Google Play service on an Android device, and you receive the following error.

This is a Google Play "No connection" error.

Google Play is very sensitive to the following services and conditions:

Code Block
Incorrect time and date set within the device.
The device does not have Cellular services, or is not connected to WiFi.
There is no GOOGLE account signed into the device.

If any of these services are not working as expected, you will receive this error.

How To Fix This Error:

In order to fix this error, the first step is to go into the settings of the device and enable the option "Set time automatically". This is normally under Settings > Date & Time. This should be done, followed by a power cycle of this device. This normally corrects the network time protocol (NTP) setting in the device and fixes the issue. Other testers may change this option for any number of reasons, which can cause the error listed above.

A second solution is to ensure that the device has working WiFi or Cellular service. In some devices, the WiFi or Cellular services may have been disabled by another tester. Ensuring that WiFi is enabled on the device on the pm1243 WiFi networks, will allow use of the Google Play store.

A third solution is to ensure that you, the tester, have a valid GOOGLE account. Perfecto does not provide a GOOGLE account. Testers are responsible for creating and using their own GOOGLE account. This can be done from the device, or from GOOGLE's website. For your convenience, here is a link to GOOGLE's account creation tool. Click on the sign up button on this page to create a GOOGLE account.

GOOGLE's Official Account Portal

If these steps fail, please open a case with the Perfecto Support team regarding the device.