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In an agile environment, developers and testers jointly build the product and therefore they also develop and execute their testing from early stages till releases. While a majority of tests in a digital project might need to be functional test automation or unit tests, in reality not all of them can be automated and remain manual.


The ability to execute both test automation as well as manual tests from Eclipse, Visual Studio or other development/testing IDE is a great advantage to teams since they can accomplish their entire cycle from one tool and gather all insights and test artifacts much easier.


The Perfecto plugin, present in Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio and InteliJ allows not only automated testing, but also manual and exploratory testing on real devices and on real user environments.


You can see below a screenshot from the Eclipse IDE as an example of the Interactive window with its supported widgets - Marked in red is the button to enter into the Interactive window. You'll see at the left of the rel device a set of widgets aimed to support manual testing (install apps, rotate device, power cycle and more).



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So if your team uses Perfecto in any of its popular IDE's as mentioned above - please note that the same UI also allows you to complement the automated tests with manual tests very easily. One of the use cases can be a defect reproduction on real device, or a unique manual test case which cannot be automated of course.