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Important: This feature is available only for limited release, to . To add support for the this feature, contact Perfecto support.

Perfecto Connect is a secured network connection that supports testing mobile apps, web apps, and web sites websites hosted on the local development network. The Perfecto Connect feature opens a direct connection between Perfecto Lab devices and a local network/backend server or staged app not publicly available in other environments. This dedicated tunnel connection precludes the need of opening a VPN tunnel or defining the Perfecto Lab in the IP whitelist of the development network.


  • Support for both Mobile Devices & Desktop Web.
  • The service fits any digital interactive, automation, and CI test Executions.
  • No installation is necessary, just execute the client application.
  • Association of multiple devices on the same tunnel
  • Support for tunnel initiation from MacOS macOS/Windows/Linux workstations.
  • Support (for debugging & troubleshooting purposes) of customer’s bridging proxy (installed on workstation) – including support for Charles proxy and others.
  • Debug over Real Devices from the customer's local Network/Backend Environment.


Learn more about using Perfecto Connect in on the following pages:

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