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  • Object Spy does not show objects displayed by the SFSafariViewController object in Instrumented applications.
  • Due to a limitation of the XCUITest framework, there is no access to the objects of an incoming call notification when running an application on a device using the XCUITest framework.
  • iOS devices running iOS 8 and above that are connected via iOS enhanced video streaming displayed a fixed image instead of the regular status bar. 
    In the fixed status bar the time is always 
    9:41 and the battery is always full. This is a limitation of Perfecto's iOS enhanced video streaming solution.
  •  Closing an application by double-clicking the Home button is not supported for devices running iOS 10.3 or later. For more information - see here.
      Explanation: Apple introduced some changes to the API in version 10.3 that prevent Perfecto from supporting this interaction.
  • Perfecto Lab does not support device locking for the following devices running iOS 10:

    • iPad 4
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 4 running iOS 7.0 is not supported because of Apple operating system limitations.
  • On some versions of iOS, the Interactive Open URL command with parameter OS Default Browser=false (or Automation Browser go to command with parameter Browser=OS) may fail. This occurs when Safari address bar is selected and only one tab is open.
  •  Installing a new version of an instrumented application, when a previous version is already installed, may not upgrade correctly.  
     Uninstall the app before installing a new version of it.   
    This issue will occur only once, a single uninstall will solve the issue. 
  • For iOS 7 and above (except for iPhone 6+), when an iPhone is rotated to landscape it is not possible to perform touch actions on screens that are locked in portrait mode such as the Springboard or Settings.
  •  Limitation: For iOS devices 7.0 and above, not connected to a MAC controller, when trying to play videos (e.g. YouTube) black screen appears or video is not rendered correctly.  
    Enable assistive touch and place the assistive touch cursor where the video should appear.