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Requirements for the Mac machine:

  • OS - El Capitan , Sierra, or High-Sierraor higher

  • XCode 8.3.3 or later

  • Python 3.6 and above - with "requests" module installed.

    • To install "requests" module run the following command:

      Code Block
      pip3 install requests

  • Open to internet connection- (to access Perfecto services) 

  • Keychain on Mac should contain the required enterprise certificate (no duplicate names- verify only a single entry with this name in the keychain list) 

  • Keychain password 

  • Mobileprovision file matching the enterprise certificate 

  • *.ipa file of the application (which should be instrumented)


  • Run the script with the Python service.

    Code Block
    titleExample Script Activation
    python3 customInstrumentWrapper.pycpy -i inputIPA.ipa -o outputIPA.ipa -t token.txt -p provision.mobileprovision -c "certificate name" -u -v <labVersionNum> -ih -is

    Script name: