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The DigitalZoom CI Dashboard now includes a tab for Branches by Job. All jobs that include branch information (using either the withBranch method or reportium-job-branch command-line parameter) are listed in this tab. The listing presents the execution summary information of the last branch execution. A full line of job information for each branch opens when clicking on the branch entry.

Product Updates


> Automation feature updates


> Plugin feature updates


> Desktop Web feature updates


> Developer feature updates


> iOS support updates

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iOS Support UpdatesiOS Support Updates
titleKnown Limitations

This section lists any feature limitations identified during the latest cycles of product development.

  • Image injection not supported for iOS front-facing camera for devices running iOS prior to v11.
  • Appium IosDriver limitation - sendKeys function does not update textField elements, when using a keyboard application that does not display the iOS Keyboard.