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This article is based on usage of a single Execution ID (External ID). If you want to know to obtain it, please follow this article.

Step-by-step guide

  1. The following HTTP GET command is used to download the executions report:


  2. You add the externalId[0] Parameter with a value you can obtain from the testrun itself by using the following line:

    Code Block
     String externalId = (String) driver.getCapabilities().getCapability("executionId");
     System.out.println("executionId: " + externalId);

    Note: you can crosscheck if you have taken the correct ID by opening the report details in the reporting tool:

  3. Headers

    Add the following header parameters to the request:




    <Your personal security token>

  4. Run it and you should receive such result:

  5. Download the output:

  6. Find the needed file and note that it doesn’t have an extension:

  7. Rename the file by typing “.pdf” at the end of the file:

  8. Open the file and there you will find all the desired result:


You can open a case here ( )

Happy testing!