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Smart Reporting





reporting enhancements

Custom failure reasons can now be edited for administration purposes. Users can add custom failure reasons to add clarity and simplification to simplify report viewing. Click here for more details.

New failure reason filtering allow allows quicker and easier access to "Why did my executions failed?". Click here to learn more.

Multiple drivers support

Users can now use see multiple drivers (devices) to be seen side-by-side on the same reports. This allows multi-device scenarios (such as calling from phone A to phone B) to be viewed under a single test execution report. Click here for more details.

Other reporting enhancements

Automatic crash reporting is now supported for Android V7+ devices. Click here for more info on app crash




Working with External



We've significantly simplified the way to work with your IDE when developing Appium/selenium Selenium scripts. No additional add-ons are required anymore. Session sharing allow you working interactively on the device while executing an Appium/Selenium script simultaneously from your favorite IDE. For more details click here for our legacy Flash-based UI or here for our new pure HTML5 based UI. 

Support for KARMA



We're happy to add support for the Karma framework. Integration is open sourced under Apache V2 license. Click here for more information


  • Infrastructure upgrade performed, fixing CVE-2019-0232
  • Infrastructure upgrade performed, fixing CVE-2019-11358
  • Security token generation moved to new HTML5 UI. Click here for more details. 
  • TLS V1.0 is no longer allowed to eliminate potential vulnerabilities and ensure secure communication. 
  • Security warning added before downloading artifacts from the repository.

Solved issues

NP-36546 - Video sometime sometimes not available in reports.