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Last updated: Feb 12, 2020 13:17

Access to devices in a Perfecto Lab requires a user and at least one token in its associated account. Therefore, when setting up the system, create both a user and an account for each person. Use the Create User & Account operation that creates both and the association between them. 

User and Account Information

The User holds the following information about the user:

  • Credentials and permissions such as their username, password, groups, and roles
  • Personal information such as their name, address, phone, and email
  • System information such as the authentication method and last log in

The Account holds the billing information for the user, including the payment method, number of tokens purchased, and the number of remaining tokens and when they are due to expire.

For more information on these structures, see User and Account Objects.


The following table lists and describes the possible values for the status property in a user's record.

PENDINGThe user has self-registered and is awaiting approval from an administrator. Until activated, the user cannot log in to the Lab.
ACTIVEThe user is activated and can log in to the Lab.
INACTIVEThe user has been deactivated and is no longer able to log in to the Lab.
DELETEDThe user has been deleted and is no longer able to login to the Lab. When deleting users, their record is marked as deleted but not actually deleted.


Each user is assigned a set of roles that control which operations the user can run and which resources they can access. For example, adding the AUTOMATION role to a user allows that user to perform automation operations, and adding the PRE_RELEASE role allows that user to access devices that are not yet released.


To use devices, a user must have at least one token in their account. Each token represents a minute of usage time per device and must be purchased prior to use.

In general, tokens can be purchased as packages, for example 10 hours worth of tokens, and added to the user's account using the Add Tokens to User operation. However, if you purchase a package that offers an unlimited number of tokens, you must update the user's account using the Update User operation.

Each time tokens are added to the account using one of the prescribed operations, a new order is added to the account recording the details of the transaction. A list of token orders can be obtained using the Get User Tokens operation.


The user operations use the same security as other API operations, with the following additional requirements:

  • Only users with administrative credentials can perform these operations.
  • Operations can only be run from specific servers designated for user management


The following operations are supported through the REST API in this group: