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Last updated: May 19, 2020 11:50

Device vitals

The vitals feature collects useful performance data directly from the device in real time. Performance data includes network, CPU, and memory usage (model specific), which measures general device performance and determines how efficient an application is at using resources.

Application vitals

It is also possible to collect application-specific vital measurements from mobile devices. Vitals will be separately collected for all of the selected services.

Available application vitals:

  • For Android: Memory Used, CPU Used, and CPU Kernel.
  • For iOS (8.0 and up): Memory Used, and CPU Total.

On this page:

Collect application vitals

You can collect vitals manually for applications on the Perfecto IDE.

Go to the Device Vital Information tab and select an application. 


If the Vitals are not being collected, reboot (Power Cycle) the device.

Available vitals per platform

The following table describes which data is collected and supported per platform.

CPU KernelPercentage usage of CPU by the operating systemYes (OS Version earlier than 8)Yes (Note 2)
CPU TotalTotal CPU UsageYes (OS Version earlier than 8)Yes (Note 1)
CPU UserPercentage usage of the CPU by the applicationYes (OS Version earlier than 8)Yes (Note 2)
Memory CacheRam memory that holds frequently used data to increase processing powerYesYes
Memory FreeUnused memoryYesYes
Memory UsedUsed memoryYesYes
Network in dataBytes received from the mobile networkYesIncluded in "Network total in"
Network out dataBytes sent to the mobile networkYesIncluded in "Network total out"
Network in WifiBytes received from the wireless networkYes (OS Version earlier than 7)Included in "Network total in"
Network out WifiBytes sent to the wireless networkYes (OS Version earlier than 7)Included in "Network total in"
Network total inBytes received from either the wireless or the mobile networkNoYes
Network total outBytes sent to either the wireless or the mobile networkNoYes

Notes: The following notes apply to devices running iOS 11.0:

  1. The reported usage is the sum of all CPU cores in the device. For example, an iPhone8+ (that has a "six-core CPU design with two performance cores that are 25 percent faster and four efficiency cores that are 70 percent faster") could show a value up to 600%.
  2. Due to changes in the Apple API for iOS 11.0 these vitals are no longer supported.

Vitals CSV file

After the vitals command is run, a CSV file is created in the Reporting Tool under Downloads.

The column headers when using the application vitals include application and process names. 

The format of the column header when using application vitals is:

<vitals parameter>#<application name>#<process name>

See the attached file for a sample of format.