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Last updated: Apr 20, 2020 12:35

Perfecto provides, as part of the IDE plugins, sets of templates for basic Selenium and Appium automation scripts in Java and C# (dependent upon the IDE you are using). In addition, templates are available in additional languages from the Perfecto Git Repository.

These templates provide:

  • Basic code structure for an Appium/Selenium automation script project, that includes the code for
    • Defining the basic Driver Capabilities for the automation script. In particular -
      • Perfecto Lab credentials capabilities.
      • Device selection capabilities
      • (For Appium) - Application capabilities
      • Connecting to WindTunnel persona capabilities
    • Creating the Driver using the Perfecto Lab URL
    • Basic try-catch clauses to use to run the actual automation code
    • Code to retrieve the needed connections to the execution report for the automation test
  • Utility classes to support the extended features provided by the Perfecto system.

The following pages provide information on creating Selenium/Appium projects using the different plugins:

The created project will include several files that will include at least the following (different IDE projects may include additional files, for example IntelliJ projects also include gradle files):

  • or - [depending on the project type] - use this file to write your automation script.
  • - includes the utility methods to access media and report artifacts.
  • - provides methods that support the Wind Tunnel functionality of persona and Wind Tunnel Reports.