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Last updated: Jun 27, 2019 21:47

By Christopher Alton and Devin Ayres

Automation is not possible with Captcha and ReCaptcha. Read on to understand why.

When working with an automation process, you may be required to validate using Captcha or ReCaptcha.

Due to the nature of Captcha and reCaptcha, it is designed to foil any attempts to automate it. Unfortunately, this also includes trying to use any of the automation tools on cloud devices or local devices.

You will not be able to automate the use of either.

If possible, please speak to your developer if they can remove the Captcha option from their environment. This would be the only way to build automation for a mobile device.

Possible Alternative Option:

If you need to test whatever is behind the Captcha validation, first manually enter in the Captcha. From there, you may be able to run your automation script once you have manually satisfied the Captcha question. This does depend on how the test site/application is built. A discussion with your test site/app developer may be required.