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Last updated: Apr 12, 2018 20:09

By Christopher Alton.

This article covers various errors seen when using JAVA automation tools.

One of the more frustrating issues to face when working with automation, is when your automation tools start to throw errors. One of the more common errors that you may have, are the errors. This article will cover the more common errors, and will be updated frequently.


INFO  [o.a.h.impl.execchain.RetryExec] I/O exception (
caught when processing request to {s}->https://YOUR
Software caused connection abort: recv failed

DEBUG [o.a.h.impl.execchain.RetryExec]
Software caused connection abort: recv failed
Software caused connection abort: recv failed

This is a very common error. When you see this error, usually this means that your automation tool is hitting a firewall/proxy or some other security setting or appliance. This security is preventing your automation tool from reaching its destination, and the session is aborted.

How to fix this JAVA issue?

Troubleshooting steps in this matter are to first make sure that your JAVA is up to date. For TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1 and leagacy support of TLS 1.0 and SSH 3.0, you will need JAVA 8. If you are running JAVA 7 and cannot move to JAVA 8, you need to define JAVA to use TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.

The raw property to set TLS enablement for JAVA 7, is as follows.


This code samples hows how it would work in eclipse.

System.setProperty("https.protocols", "TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2");

If you have tried this solution, and are still facing an issue with this error, please contact the Perfecto support team.