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Last updated: Apr 24, 2018 18:45

By Christopher Alton

Object Spy not behaving? This article explains the most common reasons and how to fix it.

As of Mobile cloud version 9.0 and newer:

  •  iOS 7 and newer.
- iOS requires the use of the Safari Browser when using web element testing.

  •  Android OS v4.2.2 and newer.
- Android requires the use of the Google Chrome Browser when using web element testing.

Please note that other browsers may be installed to the devices to test with, such as FireFox/Opera/Etcetera. These other mobile device browsers will not support object spy. Please refer to the requirements for iOS and Android listed above. To support these browsers, you will need to use Visual Analysis Functions.

Please also note that "default" browsers such as the Samsung Internet Browser located on some Samsung android devices, is also not a supported browser for object spy use. This browser type also needs to use Visual Analysis Functions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Perfecto Support Team.