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Last updated: Feb 08, 2018 10:58

As part of the cooperation between Microsoft and Perfecto a new Chrome Extension is available for mobile testing!


Use your browser to perform exploratory testing on mobile devices, capture screen shots, take notes, or report bugs into Visual Studio Team Services projects.


Chrome extension


Download and use this extension to:

  • Select an available device in the Perfecto CQ Lab for interactive testing
  • Easily connect to your session.
  • Capture screenshots - full screen or part of screen
  • Annotate inline - optionally annotate the screenshot directly in the browser
  • Capture notes during your session
  • Submit bugs with notes & screenshot automatically attached
  • View a timeline of your exploratory session

Installing the extension is easy using the standard Chrome extension mechanism. After installation a new icon appears in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser for the new extension.


Exploratory Testing icon in browser command bar

The first time you activate the extension it queries you to enter your Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) credentials -
> Enter your VSTS cloud identifier and click Next.
> Select your project and team from the list of cloud projects and click Save.
This information is used to connect for your bug reports and notes.

In normal operation, the extension displays a menu that allows you to (from left to right):

  • Start/Stop a Session: connects you to your VSTS team.
  • Capture a Screenshot: from the device you are interacting with.
  • Report a bug: enter a description that will be saved to the team area.
  • View a timeline: of your current session.
  • Select a device: for the interactive Perfecto session.
  • Settings: you can redefine the connection to VSTS here.

Aside from the Settings, the other options are not active unless a session has been started by clicking the Start Session button.

Selecting a device from the extension

Start a session from the options menu of the extension. Click the Device selection option. Enter your CQ Lab URL and Perfecto credentials in the Connection Details section - providing the cloud name, your username, and your password and click the Get Devices button.



The connection to the CQ Lab will be made and a list of Available Devices is displayed. Select the device to manually test on and click the Launch Device button.



An Interactive session will be started in the browser with the device pre-selected. To learn about operating devices interactively, click here


Submitting a bug report

While in the interactive session, you can submit a bug report that will be reported to your VSTS team.

Start by taking a screenshot of the device to indicate the relevant scenario within the application. Click on the Capture screenshot button in the extension options - this opens a new tab in the browser with a cross-hair tool to select the screenshot region. After selecting the region a tool-bar appears allowing you to add a caption to the screenshot.


Click on the Bug report button and fill in the information for the bug report. Click Save to report the bug to the VSTS team.


Viewing the bug reports in VSTS

Bug reports submitted in the Chrome extension are reported to your VSTS team and can be assigned to a team member to address the situation and make the necessary corrections. In VSTS redirect your connection to the Mobile Test project. Click on the Work header and the list of bugs appears in the Backlog display.


Select one of the bugs to get more information and click the "Unassigned" to get a pull-down menu of the team members to assign the bug to the proper member.