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Last updated: Jul 01, 2019 13:45

Problem: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8 devices click() method fails for navigation bar buttons

The Samsung Navigation Bar at the bottom of the device screen may be configured with various settings. One of these settings, is to "unlock" the navigation bars, which allows the navigation bar to be hidden when using applications.

When the navigation bar is in the Unlocked configuration, the "visible" attribute of the application UIElements that appear on the screen area (where the Navigation bar is usually displayed) is reported as false.
As a result, when using an Automation script (Appium, Selenium, or Perfecto Automation) the button-click operation will not work for these UIElements. It is determined that the button is not clickable since it is not visible.


To insure that the automation script is able to click all of the application UIElements, configure the Navigation Bar to be always displayed.

To configure this setting:

  • Open Settings→ Display→ Navigation Bar
  • Turn off the Show and hide button option (see below)