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Last updated: Aug 04, 2020 15:06

By Christopher Alton

Do I have this problem? 

When interacting with a device, does it take several seconds after touching the screen to see a reaction? If you have a small yellow triangle next to the device model in the title (shown in the screenshot), you are in Image Mode.

Image Mode - This icon to the left of the device name means you are in Image Mode.

Perfecto uses streaming video to show you what’s happening on the screen of your device. Your browser (or IDE) receives this video from a streaming server that is part of your cloud architecture. If something in your network configuration blocks the streaming server, Perfecto will fall back to sending you a series of still images. This can be painfully slow.

How do I fix it?

Your IT Department will be required to solve the problem. They are either blocking access from your computer to Perfecto’s streaming server or inhibiting the traffic in some manner. 

First, open a case with the Perfecto Support Team and indicate that you have a Performance Issue with a Subtopic of Image Mode. Our next steps will be to schedule a meeting with you and your IT Department to help them fix the network configuration problem on your end. 

Your IT Department will need to allow access to the following URL and IP address (by placing them on the allow list):

What is the end result?

Once placed on the allow list, this is what the display should look like for a typical connection to the web VM's.

Updated 05-07-2018