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Last updated: Dec 30, 2018 11:02

Please check and provide the following information to the support:

  • Make sure you (customer) used Perfecto MCM URL – 
  • Make sure You (customer) reached Perfecto IDP URL(see below URL for example), if it fails on your IDP side please check it with Your SSO  team or IDP vendor.

          The URL prefix should be something like: 

  • Please provide a screenshot of the Error you are getting when trying to Login.
  • When did the issue started?
  • Does the issue affects all users or only some of them?
  • Please check with your SSO team whether there was a configuration change on your IDP, Since even though the error is on Perfecto side it might happen due to configuration change on your side.
  • In case you have multiple clouds , does the issue occurs on all of the clouds? or only on a specific cloud?
  • Please send a screenshot of the network traffic or the network HAR file (see the following chrome example)
    • Open incognito window (make sure it is the only one)
    • Open Developers tools  (from the Browser → Menu →  more tools →  Developers tools)
    • Select Network tab
    • Check the ‘preserve log’
    • Login to the cloud
    • Right click the Name column -> Save as HAR with content
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