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Last updated: Oct 07, 2019 17:31

This section specifies the actions currently supported for Mobile Interactive.


When you type numeric or alphabetic characters on the physical desktop keyboard, Perfecto instantly sends them to the device. In addition, the following keys are supported and may be helpful while editing text:

Keyboard keyCommand descriptionSupported OS
UpMoves pointer upAndroid
DownMoves pointer downAndroid
LeftMoves pointer leftAndroid
RightMoves pointer rightAndroid
BackspaceDeletes the last characterAndroid
DeleteDeletes the next characterAndroid
EnterAdds a new line/Submits/SearchesAndroid

On this page:

Mouse actions

Mouse actionCommand descriptionSupported OS
Alt+Wheel forwardZooms inAndroid, iOS
Alt+Wheel backwardZooms out (pinch)Android, iOS
Wheel forward/backwardScrollsAndroid, iOS
Click+Pointer moveSwipes (horizontal/vertical)Android, iOS
Left clickTapsAndroid, iOS
Long left click (> 2 seconds)Presses longAndroid, iOS
Alt+ClickActivates 3D TouchiOS
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