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Last updated: Dec 25, 2019 09:27


When you're using Appium with XCUITest & you launch an IPA through capabilities, Appium hangs & does no respond for ~6min.

You will observe that by not receiving a response in your execution for minutes, regardless that the application is open. 

Described and logged on 


Adding the following capabilities is know & verified that it solves the problem. 

Capabilities in Ruby to workaround the Appium issue
clearSystemFiles: true,
wdaStartupRetryInterval: 1000,
useNewWDA: true,
waitForQuiescence: false,
shouldUseSingletonTestManager: false
Capabilities in Java to workaround the Appium issue
capabilities.setCapability("clearSystemFiles", "true");
capabilities.setCapability("wdaStartupRetryInterval", "1000");
capabilities.setCapability("useNewWDA", "true");
capabilities.setCapability("waitForQuiescence", "false");
capabilities.setCapability("shouldUseSingletonTestManager", "false");