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Last updated: May 31, 2020 15:27


When using Perfecto's RealUser VuGen template to trigger executions on Perfecto Cloud devices, from PerformanceCenter, Loadrunner Controller or Virtual User Generator itself, an error is thrown:

"Unable to allocate device".

Looking further into the Output can show that the actual cause is a failure to connect to the REST API on the cloud, failing with 

 Warning -27774: SSL protocol error when attempting to connect with host " [MsgId: MWAR-27774]


Modify the Runtime Settings to "Use WinInet replay instead of Sockets". 

  1. Open Runtime settings (in VuGen if executing directly, or the scenario runtime settings in Performance Center/LR Controller.
  2. Under Internet Protocol → Preferences → Advanced tick the "WinInet replay instead of Sockets" option