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Last updated: Sep 09, 2020 14:23

This article demonstrates end-to-end steps for the CI (CD+CT) integration of a Perfecto Quantum project into a Bamboo-DevOps environment. Watch the following video for a demo of the following steps: 

  1. CD phase: Creating and configuring a Bamboo DevOps project for Pipeline
  2. Build phase: Creating and configuring an Android build along with the Perfecto Rest API/Web Service (upload an APK from the Bamboo environment to the Perfecto repository). 
  3. CT phase: Creating and configuring jobs, task Quantum project for Pipeline
  4. Perfecto Smart Reporting setup: Integrating Bamboo DevOps and Perfecto Smart Reporting by using PreDefined Environment variables in maven command for a Quantum Maven project and depend on project requirements.
    Example Maven Build command: 

    clean install -Dreportium-job-name=${bamboo.buildKey} -Dreportium-job-number=${bamboo.buildNumber}
  5. Cleanup phase: Deleting the APK by using the Perfecto Rest API/Web Service (delete the APK from the Perfecto Repository). 
  6. Report analysis phase: Navigating from failed test scenarios to Perfecto Smart Reporting and the CI Dashboard view.

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