Use DevTunnel to create a secure connection to the Perfecto device, select the Perfecto device from the IDE device selector, and run the debugger.

Using Perfecto Lab devices as the platform for debugging your Android application is a simple process:

Debug on the Device

From your IDE - either IntelliJ, Android Studio, or Eclipse - run the debugger on your Android app. You can debug the application or the Espresso unit tests directly on the Perfecto Lab device.

In the device selector window you should see the Perfecto Lab device in the list of connected devices. Select the device and click OK.

The debugger will automatically build the apk file and install it on the Perfecto Lab device. All debugger breakpoints will work as if the device were connected directly to the development computer.

The following video shows a short debugging session in Android Studio, using a Perfecto Lab device connected through DevTunnel: