There may come a time in a testers experience when the powers that be (for example upper management or security) require cloud devices to need an MDM, or a password/passcode/pin. An MDM is a Mobile Device Manager. Device Management (MDM) and Device Locking explains a little more about MDM use, and how Perfecto can support passwords/passcodes/PIN.

If an MDM is absolutely required, Perfecto devices can work with an MDM. The MDM configurations would be done by whoever is supporting the MDM policies on the customer side.

Following are a few caveats to consider when working with an MDM:

As long as the MDM follows these requirements on the devices, using an MDM should not be a problem. Note that passwords/passcodes/pin use also falls under the same regulations.


Perfecto is not responsible for installing, configuring or maintenance of any  customer MDM or customer installed certificate(s).