Need to move your application to the front page or the application dock? This article explains how to do it.

by Christopher Alton


Supported OS: iOS 7, 8 and 10
Not Supported: iOS 9

Working with applications installed on actual devices means that you adhere to the operations defined for the actual device and the applications. Devices running iOS allow you to manipulate the applications by performing a "long press" on the home page of the device. After the long press, the application icons begin to wiggle and a small 'x' appears in the upper-right corner of the installed application icons.


Manual long press

Perform a long press by holding down the CTRL key and the mouse button for approximately 6 seconds. The icons will wiggle and allow you to move them. The first step is to drag your application icon into the system tray.


Long pressing with CTRL -  Allows manipulation of the icons. Move the application icon into the application dock at the bottom of the device.

Once you have dragged the application icon into the system dock, swipe the screen to the desired page that you want.


Swiping to another screen - At this step, you swipe to the page you want and drag the icon out of the application dock.

When you have moved your application icon to the page, press the HOME button. This will finalize the move of the application icon.

Congratulations! You have successfully moved your application icon to the page you want to use.

Note: Dragging icons or services manually is not available in iOS 9