by Christopher Alton

When trying to install an application on an Android device, you may receive the following error: App Error: Install_Failed_UID_Changed

This is an error where the install failed due to an issue with an existing application. This is a typical scenario:

Johnny Tester installs his APK file to the android device. He tests as expected and everything works well. He then gets a new build. When Johnny tries to install the application, he receives the error Install_Failed_UID_Changed

There are two ways to resolve this issue. 

Solution#1 - Developers rebuild the app by changing the Application ID

1. Build and install the app with a new Application ID. App will install successfully because it is treated as new app.

2. Now uninstall the app. This will clear the data of the new and old/corrupted install.

3. Change the Application ID to the previous one.

4. Build the application and install to the device.

5. App will now install successfully.

Solution #2 - Have Perfecto perform a factory reset on the device

Please do not perform a factory reset on any cloud device as this will force the device to become unavailable and will require Perfecto to fix the device.

You will need to contact the Perfecto Support team, to perform a factory reset for the device.