Perfecto is moving its users discussion Forum to the new Questions area of the Information Portal.

Sign up

Before you can join into the discussion in the new Forum, you will need a user account on the portal. The Signup procedure is quite simple:

Step 1: Browse to the Information Portal.

Step 2: Click on Sign up - in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Provide your basic information in the Sign up form:

> Your Full Name
> Your company Email address
> Your preferred Username and Password

Step 4: Click the Sign up button and you are transferred to the Information Portal with your new identity.
Step 5: Browse the documentation, tips, or Forum to learn more.

Watch a page

Want to get updated when a particular page changes? Simply Watch the page (or the entire Space), and Confluence will notify you when the page is updated, with highlights of what was updated.

To start watching a page:

When the page is changed, you receive an email indicating that a change was implemented:

Ask a question

To ask a new question or start a new discussion:

By selecting a relevant Topic the question will be directed to one of Perfecto's expert staff to allow for a quick and accurate answer. Discussions without a topic defined may only receive a delayed reply.

Discuss in the Forum

After signing-up you can join into the discussion in the Questions area. To access the discussions, click on Questions in the portal's menu bar.

This will display the most recent questions submitted to the forum.

Answer questions

The Forum is open to you, our customers, to discuss and offer your tips based on your experience.

By answering questions, you earn points and gain recognition as experts on the different topics. Remember that helping others will help yourselves by encouraging useful exchange of information.