The Perfecto Lab supports the automation of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. This allows a tester to verify the execution of a TV application written for the Amazon platform. The devices are supported:

Selecting an Amazon TV Device

The Amazon TV Stick is selected as a Mobile Device. The device is listed as an Amazon device.

Recommended: To easily find the device in the Mobile Devices list, filter the Devices list for "Amazon" and the configured devices should be easier to find.

After selection, the device is displayed as two parts:

Access the device menu (along the top of the "television" display), by using the remote's rocker to traverse the options.

Controlling the Device

The device is controlled from the Remote Control (right side in above picture).

  • To move the cursor on the screen use the Direction control:
    • To move cursor to the right, click on the right side of the rocker.
    • To move cursor up, click on the top side of the rocker.
    • To move cursor to the left, click on the left side of the rocker.
    • To move cursor down, click on the bottom side of the rocker.
  • To select an option click the center of the rocker.
  • To return to the home screen, click the Home Button.
  • To move back to the previous screen, click the Back button.
  • To control the play of the video use the three bottom buttons:
    • To begin playing a video, click the Play (middle) button.
    • To jump forward, click the Fast forward (right) button.
    • To jump backward, click the Fast backward (left) button.

When hovering over any of the buttons, a tooltip will clue you in for the configured functionality.

Known Limitations