By Christopher Alton


During testing, you may need to access an Internal test site, that is not facing the public internet.

Solution #1: Site to Site Back End VPN Tunnel

The IP and URL of the Internal (Intranet) test site can be accessed on a private cloud by using a back end VPN tunnel. Perfecto provides a Wi Fi connection for hosted devices, in order for them to access the internet. With some changes to your private cloud, accessing your Intranet test links (not publicly facing test sites), would be handled by the VPN.

Note: Most customers should already have something of this nature in place.

If you have need of this, please contact your Customer Success Managerfor your private cloud account.

Solution #2: DNS Record Entries - Requires Solution #1

In some cases, the website is public facing, however the elements inside the website, are trying to redirect to an Intranet (Internal) site. Perfecto can make changes to the private cloud to access these Intranet test links, from a VPN connection.

If you have need of this, please contact your Customer Success Manager for your private cloud account.

Solution #3: Perfecto Connect

If you do not have a private cloud, you will be unable to take advantages of Solution #1 and #2. This means you may have to use the Perfecto Connect client.

More details for the Perfecto Connect client, can be found in our developers portal.

Updated 06-08-2020