Learn about enhanced XCUITest and Espresso execution, Appium, web, and UI enhancements, and more...


Perfecto keeps enhancing the XCUITEST & ESPRESSO execution. it is now possible to add mock location for these executions. Click here for more details.

Appium enhancements

Web enhancements

UI enhancements

Platform related changes

Security notes

^ Above items were added in previous release (V19.6) but are shown as a reminder. 

Solved issues

NP-37240 - Reservation slider does not show up in some cases. 


  1. TLS V1.0 is not longer allowed. 
  2. Perfecto is adding forced validation for "audience restriction" setting in SAML configuration (Section Customers with external SSO IDP (a.k.a. federated SAML) MUST implement the <audienceRestriction> or <audience> SAML tags. this configuration was not previously validated as required by the SAML specifications. Perfecto will start enforcing this validation in the next few weeks and customers which are using external IDP configuration MUST change their configuration in order to continue using federated SAML SSO. for more information, please contact your CSM or support.