Codeless Web

Perfecto's Codeless Web is the only fully integrated codeless solution in the market! Powered by AI for overtime reliability and stability, Codeless Web is based on Perfecto's secured web lab with unlimited scaling and fully integrated with the best test analytics solution. Unlike other solutions, Codeless requires no installations, no special plug-ins, and no preparations on the workstation side. Simply log in and start creating codeless scripts. 

While we continue to improve Codeless Web with new features and functionalities, we encourage you to log in and test-drive it now. 

Codeless Web includes the following highlights:

  • Details about the success or failure of the execution, including job name, number, and branch, with additional details to be added shortly
  • Significant performance improvement when executing codeless scripts
  • Full integration with the CI dashboard for continuous testing analytics
  • Breadcrumb navigation in jobs
  • CI integration and integrated internal scheduling, allowing you to schedule your codeless projects for continuous testing
  • Ability to turn "recording mode on/off" for faster performance and extended navigation abilities

For more information about Perfecto Codeless Web, see the Perfecto website

Platform enhancements

Added support for the following:

Other enhancements

Security notes

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